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Kennel Valborup's Labrador Retrievers

Gundogs for hunting and competition

We are a family operated gundog kennel located in Hvalsø - a small town in the center of Sealand in Denmark.


We have at the moment one labrador bitches called Siff, but are exited til meet a new familymember in the beginning af may!.


Siff has a beautiful and joyfull spirit. She is a very connected partner and an eager, strong hunter. She is calm but knows when to turn it on. Her breeding is demonstrated in her performance and abilities.


Siff is one of our own puppies from the summer 2012, and our expectations to her performance are high. She has allready shown her natural hunting and gamefindig abilities with a strong identity and exellent handling abilities - all within a very high ongoing speed. She .is a very conneted partner and an eager and strong hunter. Her breeding is demonstrated in her performance abilities.


We chose to provide a more personel setting for our dogs by limiting the size of our kennel.


The goal of our breeding is to breed labradors that meet certain physical and psychological criteria, and in chosing male and father to our upcomming pupppies we are certain that Jobeshill Olof from Kennel Hegnsager meets the above described goals for our breeding.


We are looking for soft, intelligent, amiable dogs who have the mental ability to settle when needed but have a high level of drive while they are working, and I hereby mean, a dog who is driven to work, whether that is finding a bumper during a drill or finding a game in the field. And of course we are looking for a dog who is attractive to our eye and complies with the international standards for Labrador retrivers.


The male to this years puppies 2015 is DK FTCH DK TM MPM 2013 Jobeshill Olof (Brimson). A yellow (foxred) male who indeed meets our goals for our breeding. The puppy's is expected to become 8 weeks at the end of Oktober. Information about Brimson is awailable on the tab "Brimson"


The male and father to the puppies 2014 was Happy Birdhunters Massey Ferguson. Happy Birdhunters Massey Fergusson just improved its gamefinding abilities by winning Gablegorst Trophy april 2014 - United Retriever Club, Open Safari WT


The male and father to the puppies 2012 was DKJCH DKBRCH SEJCH NOJCH NORDJCH Searover Kids Duke (Acer) - a male who also meets the above described goals for our breeding.



Most important for us is, that our dogs are not simply the representation af a mechanical breeding program; They are our pets, part of our family, and we love them!


We are member of the Danish Retriever Club (DRK), The retrievers gundog Club (RJK) and our dogs and Kennel are FCI registered in the Danish Kennel Club (DKK).


We appreciate your interest in our kennel and dogs. Please use our links to visit other pages on our site or use the email link on the contact (kontakt) page for more specific information on upcomming puppies, who we are, and what we do.


Thanks for visiting our site, and do not hesitate to contact us!